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Ali Jassim is an Iraqi singer, born on July 14, 1992 in Baghdad, Iraq. He graduated from Al-Mustansiriya University with a Bachelor’s degree, Department of Psychology. He began his artistic career with the artist Hussam Al-Rassam with the song “Jeraah Al-Frak.” After the song’s success, exceeding ten million views on YouTube, Ali Jassem joined To the Casablanca Stars Company, and began the first work of its production entitled “Rahti Alnafsseah” and it was in partnership with Mahmoud Al-Turki and it was composed by Ali Jassem and the words of Ammar Muhammad, which exceeded the barrier of two hundred and fifty million views on YouTube during 2018 and dealt with many artists, including Walid Al-Shami with the song (( Alqadhi Radhi) was composed by Ali Jassem, lyrics by Qusai Issa, produced by Rotana, and artist Majed Al-Mohandes, with the song “Ouqalak Aqd.” and it was composed by Ali Jassim and lyrics by Muhammad Al-Wasef and produced by Rotana and also dealt with Salah Hassan, Nour Al-Zein and Muhammad Al-Salem
Among his most prominent works is the song “Taal”, which exceeded half a billion views on YouTube. It was composed by Ali Jassim and written by Zaidoun Moayed, with the participation of Mustafa Al-Abdullah and Mahmoud Al-Turki.

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