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more than 1 M on instagram
more than 560 K in YouTub
more than 1.3 M in Twitter
more than 200 K in Snapchat


He was born in the city of Baghdad, completed his secondary education, and then moved to the field of art and recordings in the studios at that time. He was a listener at the Institute of Music Studies with his brother, the artist Raed Al-Shami, and he attended lectures with students with the largest professors in Iraq, during this period he became familiar with Iraqi maqamat and began playing the instrument Oud.

His beginning in composing was with a song composed by the artist Majid Al Mohandes. He moved to the Jordanian capital in 1998 and worked there in Jordan Studios with his brothers, the artists Saadoun Al Shami and Raed Al Shami. He moved between Syria, Jordan and Lebanon at that time until 2002 and then moved to the United Arab Emirates and also started working in studios. His beginning was by composing the song (Al-Muhajir), which was sung by the Iraqi artist (Hatem Al-Iraqi). Because of this song, he met the artist Rashid Al-Majed and began to cooperate with him with two songs (Salamat and the Wills song). After these two songs, he started with the most prominent Arab stars, including the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah and Fayez. Al-Saeed, Aseel Abu Bakr, Hussein Al-Jasmi, Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, Rashid Al-Fares, Al-Wasmi, Aida Al-Menhali, Majed Al-Mohandes, Adel Mukhtar, Habib Ali and other important names in the art scene. The artist Rashid Al-Majed offered him the idea of ​​singing and joining his company, Arts of the Island, and he began his singing journey with a duet with the artist Fayez Al-Saeed. And others, at the end of 2017, he released the song “Hala Hala”, which achieved success and viewing, although it is not filmed.

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