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An Iraqi woman, Zainab Iskandar, known as “Zozo Kahramana”, for her distinguished project in the world of jewelry design, where her designs were distinguished by amber or amber stone as it is sometimes called, which is characterized by its luster and striking glow.

Since Iskandar started its project in the Emirates, and excelled in this field, it was able, with its efforts and determination, to expand the number of branches of its stores, as it opened branches in both Iraq and the British capital, London. Most importantly, designs can be delivered to clients all over the world.

Zainab Iskandar is the first Arab woman to revive the use of this type of stone and incorporate it into the world of jewelry through her designs that contain only amber. These designs have reached the international level, as the designs suit all tastes. It is a distinctive stone, and the design of the pieces includes gold, diamonds, turquoise, even agate and lulu.

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